Salut Stefanie


And happy she was! Cecilia received her own personalised stamp for her birthday and knew nothing about it.
"After seeing the stamp that you've made earlier this year for a wedding couple (check here), she couldn't stop talking about it," exclaimed Charlotte, her friend who ordered the stamp.
I had carte blanche in designing, so I asked for items or elements that would match the stamp.
That's how the three birds flew into the stamp and makes it really personal.
Charlotte mailed me on Cecilia's birthday: "I don't think there are more happy persons in this world today than Cecilia after receiving her stamp. She was incredibly happy and even touched. So was I, you've put a lot of love in it, thanks so much!"

Need I say more? That made MY day! :>)

Cecilia is a young talented director and screenwriter. So go on and have a look on her site:



  1. leuk weer! en als verjaarscadeau een heel goed idee van deze vriendin!

  2. Da de stempel mooi is, is niet anders dan verwacht! :-)
    Interessanter is de vraag: waar maak jij nou dat proefafdrukje in?