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How do you get seven women quiet? I know now!
Let them make their own stamp :>)

Last Friday was the first Stamping Workshop at Coffee Bru and it was much fun!
Seven ladies made their own stamps out of erasers and were working really focused.
Meanwhile there was of course also time for some chats, jokes and sharing information.
And all of that with good coffee, tea in a cosy corner at Coffee Bru!
It was lovely to see seven different styles, in the stamps itself but also in working style.
Well, see the results for yourself in the pics!
PS: since I had quite a lot admissions ... there will be a N E X T Stamping Workshop soon!
Keep on eye on this blog and Coffee Bru Facebook page!

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Hoe krijg je zeven vrouwen in een ruimte stil? Door ze stempels te laten maken!
Afgelopen vrijdag was de eerste Stempel Workshop bij Coffee Bru en het was supergezellig.
Het was een mooie mix tussen geconcentreerd werken, kletsen, lachen en tips uitwisselen.
Mooi om te zien dat iedereen zijn eigen stijl heeft, niet alleen van stempels maar ook qua werkwijze.
De een gaat onmiddellijk aan de slag, de ander meer bedachtzaam. Superleuk!
Ondertussen was er lekkere koffie en thee: what else do you need? Check de foto's!
PS: doordat ik meer aanmeldingen dan plaats had...komt snel een V O L G E N D E
Stempel Workshop bij Bru :>)
Houd deze blog en Coffee Bru Facebook pagina in de gaten!

Here are the S t a m p i n g  Q u e e n s!

I brought some stamps with me, for inspiration & examples

We started off with a clean table...

Checking the result

Focused Ladies...

Meanwhile the table got stuffed :>)

Some Cool Results: star, mustage, leaves, Strawberry Stamp
Some Geometric Stamps
Cute Kite, Lovely Bike and Lovely Name

More Stars, Hearts and Roses

Lovely Girl, Camera, Heart and NameStamp

A Sword, Kitty Kat and Fish, a little bit of an Asian Twist
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  1. oh I missed this!
    just found your blog and your work shop was really close to my house...
    shame but maybe you will do another one?

  2. Hey Paula, yes i will :-) hopefully in July!
    If you like i can keep u can mail your address to me:
    Grtz, Stefanie