Salut Stefanie


Can't think of a birthday present any cooler than this: imagine yourself starting your own business and not having a logo yet.
And that your boyfriend decides to give you a very special b day present...: your very own designed logo!
Yes, this does exist...Martje is the Lucky One.

Her partner made someone design a logo for her as a surprise for her b day.
She didn't have a clue and he gave all information and necessary input for the designing part himself. Chapeau!
The logo represents her initials (M and K), but you can also see the shape of a tulip in it (representing the Netherlands) and a hexagon shape around it. The hexagon refers to communication, union, interface and balance; all important elements in her work. I think it's a very strong logo and love the fact that it's really personal too.

On top of all this, he decided that a handcarved stamp of the logo would be the real finishing touch.
That's where I came in. :>)
I was really impressed by the whole idea and the result.
Needless to say that Martje loved it all. Good luck to you Martje!

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