Salut Stefanie


WoW! That was fun...
Finally got some time to gather some pictures and links of the Venuez event in Antwerp two weeks ago. Coffeelab did some amazing work at Venuez, they had build a true catwalk, where the people entered the area...Here some pics to show what was happening over there :>)

This picture is taken from the catwalk. Baristi to the left...
(picture from FB's Koffie T Cacao Magazine)

Baristi to the right...
(picture from FB's Koffie T Cacao Magazine)

Action picture of me
(picture from FB's Koffie T Cacao Magazine)

Ben - the Coffee Draw Artist! He does amazing work filters!
Check his site: DrawCoffee 
(picture from FB's Koffie T Cacao Magazine)

Salut! Do you recognise my logo?

A truly cool part of Coffeelab: two professors that happen to be brothers
and share a love for coffeecocktail brews in the most advantive ways...
My new collection of Business Cards :>)

These pics are taken by Lobke,  a girl I met at Venuez and she wrote a nice blog about Venuez
(and a bit bout me...blush):

I talked my head of at Venuez, two days of stamping and talking to people. Intensive but fun!
I spoke mainly to (small) entrepreneurs in the coffee and cafe scene and collected quite a few business cards...And received some cool orders last two weeks, HurraY! :>)
Today the first stamps were posted, exciting!
Hope they love the work I've done...but that's for a next blogpost :>)

And in between all this stamp carving I also had my yoga business to run, with a birthday yogaparty for six year old Coco as a highlight. I created a beach lesson and made a treasurebox. She loves dolphins and piglets, so made her a namestamp with a dolphin as a birthday gift and some piglet cards. I made her six friends write or draw something for Coco on these cards. It was a lovely party and I felt blessed that I can call this my job!

we found  this box with little treasures in it
(cards that the kids had to pick and told them what to next).

A quick piggie...but a cutie!