Salut Stefanie


Piaccino is a mobile coffee concept...
Picture a Piaggio Ape, equiped with a good coffee machine and a barista that makes you a nice cappucino. Funny name, don't you think?
The idea is that Piaccino will be in different locations or events. Even festivals!
Because everyone deserves a good coffee :>)

I was asked to make three stamps, two logostamps and one of a Piaggio. Very nice!
They are going to stamp different items, but mainly paper cups.

Thank you Piaccino, it was lovely to make these stamps, and good luck to you! 




  1. Hee, jij wordt meester-koffiebeker-stempelmaker :)! Leuke klus ook!

  2. ik vind het een meesterlijk idee, zo'n karretje met koffie kun je toch niet weerstaan! jouw stempels trouwens ook niet, OOK meesterlijk!