Salut Stefanie


This is Jantien, a friend of mine with great talents...Photographer, coach, creator, and mother of two lovely daughters.
We celebrated her birthday today with good cakes and drinks! I bought some teaflowers from Monkey Chief and made her a personal stamp.
Its her own portrait as a cameo, that she has designed herself.
It was a nice to make a stamp of it. I was curious if I could catch the image.
To you Tien, have a good one! :>)

New! I can mark my handmade stamps now with 'Salut'.
I've bought a steel stamp alphabet and can stamp letters in wood,!


Last week I had the honour of helping out at a l o v e l y  w e d d i n g  of a  g r e a t   c o u p l e!
Coffee Bru was so kind to deliver a good coffeemachine and I made the coffees in the couple's kitchen! Of course I stamped some paper cups with a personalized stamp... :>)
It was not hard to design one, because their wedding invitation was very inspiring:

They had such a beautiful day: cold but sunny, but it was warm inside!
At one point someone sang a beautiful song for them and when I looked outside there was sun and snow at the same time. Wonderful!
I wish them all the L U C K & L O V E, it was a pleasure to do this for you!



Always thought that SPRING started at 21 March, but discovered it's actually today.
Well s a l u t SPRING!
Hope you make the cold wind and temperature disappear soon. Thank you! :>)
Made this stamp for C o f f e e BRU to celebrate the spring...

Dacht dat de lente altijd op 21 maart startte, maar mijn agenda zegt toch echt vandaag.
H a l l o  L E N T E !
Hoop dat je gauw de koude wind en dagen laat verdwijnen, ik ben er klaar voor, dank je!
Maakte voor deze gelegenheid een gezellige stempel voor C o f f e e BRU.
Kon het niet laten er een woordgrapje in te stoppen ;>)


I was lucky to meet BARÚ' s marketing person at Venuez. And was very happy to receive an email with beautiful pictures in it. Some were quite a challence... but I really wanted to give it a try.
I mean, if you look at their website and Facebook, you immediately fall in love, right?
It's c h o c o l a t e baby! And m a r s h m e l l o w s! Listen to this: fleur de sel caramel marshmellows covered with dark chocolate...
But they also have chocolate powder with fluffy marshmellows in it.

All chocolate and marshmellows are handmade with love in lovely packaging...

So, it was a honour to make these stamps. After they received them, they posted a picture of the stamps on their Facebook with the text that they're adorable and they need more ink!
And I answered that if they need volunteers testing their new products...I hereby register :>)
Okay...this was my most challenging stamp ever, tiny and lots of details...
I think I held my breath most of the time while making this one :>)

This is their logo

And this hippo with birdy made me smile. They are going to make hippo chocolates. Oh my. Too cute.

And this is how the three stamps worked out...stampside


the delivery box...


Piaccino is a mobile coffee concept...
Picture a Piaggio Ape, equiped with a good coffee machine and a barista that makes you a nice cappucino. Funny name, don't you think?
The idea is that Piaccino will be in different locations or events. Even festivals!
Because everyone deserves a good coffee :>)

I was asked to make three stamps, two logostamps and one of a Piaggio. Very nice!
They are going to stamp different items, but mainly paper cups.

Thank you Piaccino, it was lovely to make these stamps, and good luck to you! 




WoW! That was fun...
Finally got some time to gather some pictures and links of the Venuez event in Antwerp two weeks ago. Coffeelab did some amazing work at Venuez, they had build a true catwalk, where the people entered the area...Here some pics to show what was happening over there :>)

This picture is taken from the catwalk. Baristi to the left...
(picture from FB's Koffie T Cacao Magazine)

Baristi to the right...
(picture from FB's Koffie T Cacao Magazine)

Action picture of me
(picture from FB's Koffie T Cacao Magazine)

Ben - the Coffee Draw Artist! He does amazing work filters!
Check his site: DrawCoffee 
(picture from FB's Koffie T Cacao Magazine)

Salut! Do you recognise my logo?

A truly cool part of Coffeelab: two professors that happen to be brothers
and share a love for coffeecocktail brews in the most advantive ways...
My new collection of Business Cards :>)

These pics are taken by Lobke,  a girl I met at Venuez and she wrote a nice blog about Venuez
(and a bit bout me...blush):

I talked my head of at Venuez, two days of stamping and talking to people. Intensive but fun!
I spoke mainly to (small) entrepreneurs in the coffee and cafe scene and collected quite a few business cards...And received some cool orders last two weeks, HurraY! :>)
Today the first stamps were posted, exciting!
Hope they love the work I've done...but that's for a next blogpost :>)

And in between all this stamp carving I also had my yoga business to run, with a birthday yogaparty for six year old Coco as a highlight. I created a beach lesson and made a treasurebox. She loves dolphins and piglets, so made her a namestamp with a dolphin as a birthday gift and some piglet cards. I made her six friends write or draw something for Coco on these cards. It was a lovely party and I felt blessed that I can call this my job!

we found  this box with little treasures in it
(cards that the kids had to pick and told them what to next).

A quick piggie...but a cutie!


Some things are typically to translate a Smartlappenkoor?
Sentimental songs from the old days, sung by a choir I guess.
My mum sings in one for quite a few years and they're quite nice I have to say. Though is not really my kind of music, I do like the texts. And when I do go to a performance...I find myself singing along. It just happens! Even AnnA (my two year old) knows a few songs, thanks to my mum ;>)
Smartlappenkoor Beverwijk they are called, and their logo is a women's face, covered with one tear.
I was commissioned to make a stamp out of it, cool!
This is how it worked out...they can make their own handkerchief, very appropriate, don't you think?

Sommige dingen laten zich lastig vertalen, zoals een smartlappenkoor.
Mijn moeder zingt al jaren bij een koor en ze zijn best goed moet ik zeggen.
Hoewel het niet mijn muzieksmaak is, houd ik wel van de meeste teksten.
En wanneer ik ze zie optreden betrap ik mezelf erop...dat ik meezing! Gaat gewoon vanzelf.
Zelfs mijn tweejarige AnnA kan er een paar zingen, dankzij mijn moeder ;>)

Het Smartlappenkoor Beverwijk is het koor waarin ze zingt, en ze hebben een mooi logo van een gezicht met daarover een rollende traan.
En ik werd gevraagd er een stempel van te maken, leuk!
Hieronder het resultaat. En hoe toepasselijk...ze kunnen nu hun eigen gestempelde zakdoekjes klaarleggen bij een optreden!