Salut Stefanie


So happy to announce that I was asked by Flow Magazine to teach some workshops in stamp carving.
The first workshop will be on Saturday December 10.
There's one session in the morning from 09.30 - 13.00
The workshop will be held in an amazing place: the Flow Kas in the Snorfabriek in Utrecht.
There's lunch, coffee, tea, the workshop itself and two lovely goodie bags. One provided by Flow and the other one by me: you will go home with at least one handcarved stamp and some other nice items. The gouges we will work with are also yours to keep, so when you're really caught with the stamping fever you can continue straight away at home! :>)

Tickets are online available at the website of Flow Magazine:
Subscribers of Flow are extra lucky: you get a 10% discount on the workshop.

Met trots laat ik weten dat ik voor Flow Magazine een aantal stempelworkshops mag geven.
Op een geweldige locatie: in de Flow Kas van de Snorfabriek (in Utrecht).
De eerste workshop is op zaterdag 10 december, van 09.30 - 13.00 uur.
Naast de workshop zelf krijg je een lekkere lunch, koffie, thee, en twee goodiebags. Een goodie bag van Flow en de andere van mij: je gaat naar huis met ten minste één eigen gesneden stempel en andere fijne stempelitems. De guts set die je tijdens de workshop ontvangt mag je mee naar huis nemen. Dus als je eenmaal gegrepen bent door de stempelkoorts, kun je thuis fijn meteen verder!

Tickets voor deze workshops zijn te koop via de site van Flow Magazine:

PS: Flow abonnees hebben extra mazzel! Je krijgt als Flow abonnee 10% korting op de workshop!

Foto: Timo Pisart 


I had so much fun creating this Happy New Year card, that I shared the process behind it on my Instagram account.
Making stamps and handstamped items such as cards is amazing, but also time consuming and labour intensive.
To continue my own development I am slowly making my way in Photoshop.
 I still use the handcarved stamp as starting point but edit them in Photoshop.
It makes it so much easier to play around with different sizes, colours and compilations.
So here it is, my Happy New Year Card as one of my first results!

The idea for the image was born in theme park Efteling, where I saw this statue by Anton Pieck of The Bremen Town Musicians:

I thought of the idea of making a totem pole and made a first quick sketch in the middle of the night:

Stamps had to be the starting point, so I collected some stamps I had carved myself earlier this year and carved the rest:

Next step was stamping and scanning the stamped images. And I played around in Photoshop to come to a nice compilation. Picking the colours were easy, I was inspired by colours used in the theme park at the Anton Pieck Plein. A nice deep colour of red and a strong petrol blue. And I loved a soft powder blush colour for some small details.
Something like this:

I tested some prints on different paper, but Conqueror Vergé Naturelle is my absolute favourite!

To complete it all, I handstamped a kraftenvelope and seal in style of the card.
Made with love!

Now for sale at my Etsy Shop, or drop me an email! salut(at)

Nu te koop via mijn Etsy Shop of mij een mail sturen mag natuurlijk ook!
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