Salut Stefanie


WANAKA opens today, the day that winter officially starts..!

Wanaka is a platform which provides mindful choices for a healthy way of life.
They offer creative alternatives in our space to help you slow down, reflect and shine.
All their goods support socially and environmentally conscious initiatives.
Experience firsthand how innovators from around the world offer a new vision for living essentials.
I was the lucky one to make Wanaka a stamp. For their paper cups that they will fill with honest coffee from Moyee.
Opening party at 21 December, 13 pm
Enjoy:  Ethiopian coffee and delicious treats, Photography, design and other art, Live Jazz/Funk music

Jacob Obrechtstraat 41, Amsterdam
Sometimes the lifestyle we want most seems out of reach.
We dream of tomorrow and hesitate today. In reality, it’s a lot simpler than it feels.
If you make everyday choices that you love - you’re already there.
- Wanaka 


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