Salut Stefanie

CO PRODUCTION NO. 2 with daughter AnnA

Penguins, who doesn't love them?
I  still remember the first time I watched penguins closely during drawing class at school in the Artis Zoo when I was a teenager. They are so much fun! I loved the movie 'March of the Penguins'. And now, they're were back again, thanks to the BBC series.

What I didn't know until last week is that my three year old daugther AnnA shares my love for penguins!
When I collected her at my parent's place I saw some drawings she'd made. One of them were penguins. She had seen some of the penguins serie at my parents too!

Last week I asked her if she could draw another penguin, and she started out herself but gave up (duh, she'd turned just three!) Then I made a quick example of a very simple penguin and asked her to draw a penguin bit by bit. First the head and a body, then the eyes and the beak, the wings and two foot.
Et voila! There was an amazing penguin drawn by Anna. I was flabbergasted and proud!!
And saw immediately that they were stamp-worthy :>)
So...our second co-production is a fact: image by three year old artist AnnA and stamp made by her mum. I wonder what is next...

The Original drawing by Anna at the left side!


  1. Leuk, dat je zo creatief bent met je dochter! Veel succes! Jeroen

  2. Wat een super leuke tekening! Eentje voor in een lijstje.
    Groet, Jes

  3. Hartstikke leuk! En wat een mooi souvenir voor je dochter voor later...