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Y o g a with a little T a i l (Y o g a met een Staartje)

Last year I did a training in teaching Yoga to children at Dolfijnwelness in Amsterdam.
It was so much fun and creative!
Children's yoga is quite different from adult's yoga. It's playfull and a combination of exercises, music and creativity.
Each lesson has its own theme, like the Beach, Snow, Christmas, Circus, Indians and so on. Its a mix of a story combined with yoga exercises, relaxation and a creative end. The lessons start with a ritual I particularly like: its the 'Telling Stone'.
The person who holds the stone is the one to speak, others are quiet.
I finished the training in January successfully and decided to do something with it. That is how Y o g a  m e t  e e n  S t a a r t j e (Yoga with a little tail) excisted.
The tail refers to the positive effect yoga has and lots of exercises have animal names...and most animals have tails... ;-) Yoga is all about offering children to simply being themselves. No competition, no right or wrong, all is good. It gives them confidence, joy and relaxation.
I'm working on a website and hope to be teaching yoga to children in Amsterdam soon!
K e e p  u  p o s t e d . . .

This is the logo of Yoga met een Staartje, a handmade stamp, made by me

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  1. It's a shame you live in Amsterdam....a little to far for us to have Max follow your yoga classes. Good luck. We're sure you will succeed in the things you believe in!!

    Hugs and kisses,

    Your cousin Annemiek and Ruud (and Max of course)