Salut Stefanie

S t a m p i n g A w a y

I've been drawing and painting since I was a kid and have tried lots of painting and printing  techniques. I love to mix different styles, techniques and materials.
So when I discovered how to make stamps simply out of erasers I couldn't wait to start.
First I had to buy some lino cutters and found out that Hema & Action stores in Holland sell perfectly cheap erasers!

The only rule in making stamps is to j u s t  d o  i t  & d o n ' t  t h i n k  t o o  m u c h !
If you mess up with the carving, just start over again...
Faces are quite difficult, particularly the eyes. Sometimes I leave the eyes out, and make them seperately.
Fun part of making stamps is that you can use the S t a m p S for lots of things...
Cards, label tags, note books, rompers, wrapping paper, sheets, clothing...

The girl in the logo is also one of my stamp creations...she actually is not alone, I had made a 'French couple' and thought that Salut was a perfect word for them...
My latest action was pimping a pair lovely chino pants for my little AnnA with a star stamp.

H a p p y  D a y !
PS: this is a lovely (stamping) blog by the way: A Stamp a Day

H e r e   s o m e  o f  m y  c r e a t i o n s,  d o  y o u  l i k e  t h e m ?  L e t  m e  k n o w !

A  s t a r r y  C h i n o  f o r  m y  A n n A

A n n A ' s  f i r s t  B i r t d a Y  i n v i t a t i o n

L a b e l  T a g  f o r  A n n A ' s  B d a y
O u r  A l t e r n a t i v e  X  M a s   T r e e
T h i s  m o o s e  w a s  m y  f i rst  m a d e  s t a m p !

H a p p Y  2 0 1 2  C a r d S

T h e  H a p p Y  2 0 1 2  c a r d   I  m a d e  f o r  m y s e lf  :-)
S t i l l  h a ng i n g  o n  o u r  w a l l  t o  c e l e b r a t e 2 0 1 2 !

G i n G e r B r e a D   M a N  T a g

. . . a n d  G i n G er B r e a d  C o u p l e  o n  A n n a ' s  r o m p e r

S a L u T !  H e re ' s   t h e  F r e n c h  c o u p l e . . .

. . . o n  a  n o t e  b o o k . . .

. . . L a b e l  T a g s . . .

. . . W r a p p i n g  P a p e r . . .

. . . a  r o m p e r  ( m a t e r n i t y  g i f t ) . . .

N o t e  B o o k S


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