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It's hard to be back in rainy Amsterdam after a lovely holiday in Portugal.
Therefore some cheering up and sunny pictures of a place called Into the Wild Algarve (ITWA).
Because this ecocamping is worth a recommendation. Big time!
ITWA is a small camping, runned by two inspiring families.
All at ITWA is done with so much love, care and attention, you can feel and see this all around you.
Veggies from their own garden, the oven made of natural mud, amazing tents and nature.
This year is their first season, so some things are still in progress, but I have the feeling that this camping is going to be very, very wanted…

Staying at ITWA means:
Surrounded by beautiful nature and spacious dwellings. That smell when you open your tent! Think: pine trees, lavender, oak- and eucalyptus trees.
Our two kids had the time of their lives: running around, playing with kittens, a little swimming lake in front of your tent, a treehut, playing with other kids...
It was great to stay at the camping, and to altnernate this with trips to the gorgeous beaches and villages nearby. It takes about 15 minutes to the nearest beach.
Our favourite beaches were Zavial, Cavanas and Salema, all very suitable for little kids.

Make sure you don’t miss out on a ITWA pizza night. Great fresh pizza’s from the natural oven, made with love and supported by good vibes music from Mike (DJ Aardvarck).
Bonus was daughter Jip from Dave and Sonya, in the same age of our daughter, they had the best time together! Though it was hard to say goodbye, a friendship is born and continued in writing cards.  

There were two things that I had to get used to: the open air shower. Beautifully done, but only warm when there’s been enough sun. At times you normally want to shower your kids the shower was mostly cold. During the day though lovely temperature. I think it would be totally perfect if there’s warm water at all times.
The other thing I had to get used to was the dust. It’s everywhere. It’s not bad, but just something I had to get used to. Just make sure to wash your rental car before returning it ;-)

I already miss all of it and love to go back. Muito Obrigada ITWA!
Nice tip for next year?? :>) 

ITWA website
ITWA facebook
ITWA instagram

Photo by Into The Wild Algarve
Can you find our tent?

Close up from the tent. Perfect for two adults and two (even three) kids.
With good beds.
Photo by Into The Wild Algarve
Pizza Night with amazing fresh and tasty pizza's from the natural mud oven!
Photo by Into The Wild Algarve

I was lucky to do some yoga this holiday.
Photo by Into The Wild Algarve

The ruin. This is where you cook, and where you find a fridge and wifi. 

Yep. Kittens. Purrrfect!

Our youngest was completely happy with the kittens. 

The open air shower

Great view during some spare me time (doodle time)

Diddly Doodly

Painting stones is fun. 

Even managed to carve a stamp :-)
With very limited material but there was a stamp of an Aardvarck in the end! 

An Aardvarck stamp for DJ Aardvarck.

In love with this picture.


Three musketeers ready for a party pizza night

Kids love tree huts

Cute little play house for cute little kids ;-)

Lovely beaches, even not too crowded still can be found in the Algarve. 

Sand mermaid 

That light when the sun it! Muito Obrigado Portugal.
 Photo by ITWA.

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