Salut Stefanie


This story about Mr Happiness started a few months ago with finding a lovely card at Coffee Bru.
I checked the site and found out about two lovely ladies from Lightstyle Creations. They wrote a book together and even two more books are coming up in the new year.
They want to contribute to a lighter lifestyle for everyone.
Next to the books, they also organise several workshops and meditation nights (Cirkle of Light).
When I went to one of those meditation nights, we talked afterwards and the idea of making a stamp of Mr Happiness came up.
I was so pleased to make this happy little fellow for them!
They even wrote a piece about me and the stamp on their blog:

And what a way to start the new year: I'm going to their workshop on the 9th of January at Beter & Leuk. It's about living your dreams in 2014. I certainly have a couple of dreams left to be lived. Would be nice if I could make a start with some of them somehow in 2014...Keep u posted :>)
More info on the workshop:
For now, Have a Very Happy & Healthy New Year!
Love Stefanie

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  1. Mooi! En wat leuk om het interview met je te lezen :-)