Salut Stefanie

D e s i g n for "D e K i n d e r y o g a t u i n"

This summer I've been working on a (logo)design for a website called De Kinderyogatuin (the Yogagarden for children).
And now it's time I proudly introduce it! ;>)

It was much fun to work with Sanne, the owner of the website and the childrens yogateacher.
We met every once in while to discuss, stamp, share and laugh with each other, but also to make decisions. A nice process with a colourful result! I wish Sanne all the luck in the world with this beautiful initiative!


Afgelopen zomer heb ik voor de De Kinderyogatuin het logo en afbeeldingen ontworpen in stempelvorm. De site is live en tijd om het te showen op mijn blog!
Het was superleuk om met (en voor) Sanne te werken, zij is de eigenaar van de site en de (kinder)yogadocente. We ontmoetten elkaar regelmatig om de ontwerpen te bespreken, te stempelen, te delen en knopen door te hakken. Een mooi proces met een kleurig resultaat!
Ik wens Sanne heel veel geluk & plezier met dit mooie initiatief: de Kinderyogatuin!
Logo in progress...

A leave, used for the website as buttons in the menu.

Birdy, making part of the logo and website
Lots of cutting & pasting, to get an idea what the site could look like

Stamping away! So many beautiful colours, so hard to choose... :>)

Different shapes, i love the right one,
that suddenly excisted by combining two different stamps!

Not shown on the website yet, but coming up soon: the little (yoga)kid!
This one was quite hard to make, especially the face.
Had to make it twice by messing the first one up.

The logo in two styles, this one open, the other one (first pic) closed.
Since they are stamps you can vary with these, nice for your stationary, Sanne!

End results of the two logo's -backside-

....and frontside...

The package that Sanne received

Really cool, when Suddendly the website is really there!

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