Salut Stefanie


My first co production with my daughter is a fact!
A birthday invitation card for my daughters third birthday.
AnnA did the drawing and I made a stamp out of it. She was very sure it had to be cat.
Then we did the stamping together (of course AnnA picked the colours) and all cards were personally signed by AnnA herself.
Last but very important step: bringing the cards to the postbox.
We had lots of fun and were both very proud.
She was amazed when she saw her invitation back at some houses. Hey mummy look, my card! :>)

For the big day itself I made a yummie fluffy banoffee pie, a cheesecake, little pink cakes and very funny little indians. (I love Pinterest!)

The cat, drawn by AnnA. I was quite amazed...
The Stamps

Carefully collecting cards for a photo.

The Result

Last but not least, signing by AnnA

Little Indians, so easy and cute hey?

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  1. Wauw, wat onwijs leuk!
    Mijn dochter is nu acht en dit soort dingen samen doen is toch wel Groot Geluk!